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Saturday, 15 August 2009

M&M, anyone?

Tonight I have a PARTY to be at.


and THAT was what I thought last night she says writing the next morning...

*biiiiig eye roll there*

instead I went and I talked to people! Ironically, this is the FIRST time I can ever remember having ACTUAL FUN at a party. This one being my best mates parent's 25th (!) wedding anniversary.

AND YOU CALL YOURSELF A TEENAGER?! I can hear the yelling from here....

So there were some people there, (including a nice girl I ued to go dancing with at ballet and her family. I accidentally told them I should find my family before they thought I'd been aubducted by aliens. Again. I know, ok?) and somehow I started talking to my best mates COUSIN about how I do stupid stuff without realising how stupid it was, and next thing you know I'm learning about how she once tried to eat an M&M.


Well, your nose canal passage wodjamacallitthingy and your MOUTH nose canal passage wodjamacallitthingy connect right?

Made sense to me.

they got it out in the end, but that is one HECK of a story!

I also stared at the milky way not the chocolate bar, mostly cos there weren't any, but the spacy thing.

It's coooooooool!

Still not convinced about the balls of burning gas thing. (just... hanging there? In space? burning away? Seriously?) I prefer the whole birthday cake scenario, which makes so much more SENSE!

Thursday, 13 August 2009

This blog thing is going well!

Sarcasm? Moi? NEVER...

so since March? or was it May?

Anyway, I have left St A's and everything THAT brought, can't decide if I'm happy or sad or what about that. Weirdly, the thought thta I'll never see some of those people again... it makes me feel lighter! Well, who DOESN'T want to feel lighter?

*floats away*

Picked A levels... English Lit,(big shocker there) Psychology, history and (Pervoiden Oi gets ther marks) (touch wood) Sociology

made some friends! *Waves to anyone, everyone especially WTFer friends! HI!*

Wrote a lot

people occasionally see it now! Bit incredible really.

And I still don't know what people blog about!

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Wow... tis cool. Very cool.

Ok, first off, there are no orange trees in this blog. None at all. Except for the title. I thought it sounded cool, but maybe not accurate, so the orange-tree enthusiasts? Sorry for wasting your time people. *Waves off*

Ok, now they've gone I can get down to everything else!
HI! I'm Larilie... and I'm leaving school tomorrow for study leave. (LOOOONG story involving GCSEs and moving schools and whatnot, you really don't want to know. Unless I invited you here. In which case, you know it anyway, and you don't want to hear again. YAYNESS)
So I thought, why not document the experience. I'd normally buy a diary, spend four weeks wondering why they only give you a weeny little space to write in and find out it had all gone by then, so there's no point. And I'd have probably got ink everywhere.

Unless I used a pencil.

Then I'd get graphite everywhere.

Fact of the matter is, I'm not much good at techystuff. There may or may not be a reason for this, but my laptop patiently puts up with me wailing at it, so we're all happy.

erm... ok, I've jusr realised I have no idea.


answers on a post card.... or that nice little comment box at the bottom. That'd do me nicely thank yer very much.

I warn you, blogging will be erratic nonsensical and all over the place.

There will be grammar AND spelling mistakes.

Some of you may not retur- ok, that may be milking it a touch.
Anyway, YAYNESS and this is me!